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How To Do If Zinc Kettle Is Leaking Zinc Solution?

Nov. 20, 2021

Zinc Kettle


When a zinc kettle is in operation and white smoke is suddenly coming out of the chimney, this is an indication that the zinc kettle is leaking zinc at some point.


The correct response in case of zinc kettle leakage

In this case, the heating of the combustion system should be stopped immediately.

Stop the galvanizing unit, lift the galvanizing turntable as soon as possible, and quickly organize manpower to pump the zinc with a zinc pump.

Pump the zinc into the pre-made zinc container. And as soon as possible, determine the location of the zinc leak, which is usually at the place where the heating flame is closest to the zinc kettle, sometimes at the part where the zinc fluctuates strongly.

After the zinc is extracted and the zinc is no longer ejected outward, the zinc leak hole can be remedied according to the actual situation. When you need to remedy the zinc leak, cover the zinc surface with adiabatic asbestos or silicate fiber felt, and cover it with steel plates.

After this work is done, the electric welder can use the special zinc corrosion resistant welding rod to make the overlay welding repair at the hole; when making up the welding, the operating conditions of the electric welder are very bad, both in terms of a large amount of heat attack inside the zinc kettle and the difficulty of operating in a narrow location, so the continuous operating time can only be within 15~20 minutes.

Therefore, several welders must be organized to take turns to perform the operation. When mending welding, the fan should be aimed at the operator to blow away, but care should be taken not to make the wind pass above the zinc kettle to blow the operator, which will blow the heat to the operator's body.


Zinc kettle precautions

1. Regular maintenance and inspection of the inductor body cooling fan.

2. Avoid power failure of the inductor body, which will reduce the life of the inductor body

3. Regular inspection of the inductor body

Clear the dirty debris around the air-cooled sleeve and between the core and coil, using tools such as hydrogen and brushes to prevent safety hazards. Note: Clean-up should be done after a power failure; keep the coil clean to prevent burning of the coil by firing.

4. Regularly check the thermocouple to prevent corrosion and avoid untrue measurement temperature.

5. Regularly check the electrical components in the electrical cabinet, and clean the dust in each electrical component to eliminate hidden problems.

6. Regularly record the data of each instrument, which helps to grasp the working condition of each link and diagnose hidden problems in time.

7. Due to a power failure for some reason, within 30 minutes, the induction body restart should start from low power and gradually return to working condition.


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