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Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment

Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment Chinese Manufacturer

The base material of hot dip galvanizing is zinc. Zinc is naturally present in air, water and soil. Zinc plating can protect the material covered under normal conditions for up to 40 years. Hot dip galvanizing is durable, durable, economical and recyclable.

Hot dip galvanizing equipment aims to make full use of the galvanizing process. The resettlement plan will be determined according to the construction of the facility, the implementation of the project and the construction area of the facility.

PP Tanks

Made of 100% copolymer and homopolymer polypropylene, a durable long-life material that will not delaminate or become brittle even if exposed to corrosive chemicals for a long time.

Granite Tanks

The manufacturing and construction are convenient, the quality and performance are reliable, the durability is strong, and the function is strong. Flexible settings and easy maintenance. Strong acid and alkali resistance, anti-falling.

Zinc Kettle

It is made of special steel plate XG08, with low chemical composition of C, Si, S and P, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and long service life. Before cutting, perform ultrasonic inspection on XG08 steel plate, and start cutting if the plate is intact. Zinc Kettle will also undergo ultrasonic testing before delivery.

Galvanizing Furnace

Natural gas heating can ensure even heat distribution around the zinc kettle without local overheating. The steel structure of the furnace body is welded by section steel and steel plate, and the material is high-quality carbon steel. And strictly control the welding deformation to ensure the rigidity and strength of the furnace.

Flue Gas Heat Economizer

The tube heat exchanger is installed on the furnace flue (heat exchange temperature is 90°C-100°C). The hot water is pumped into the expansion tank through the hot water circulation pump, and then enters the PP radiator to heat the solvent to ensure the temperature of the solvent tank At 65°C±5°C.

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