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Tube/Pipe Galvanizing Plant

The Pipes Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants are entirely automatic and allow the galvanizing of water/gas pipes with a diameter from 1/2“ to 8” and a length from 4,5 m to 7,5 m.

Product Description

After thorough market research, we have come up with a superior grade Pipe Galvanizing Plant. These plants are designed and fabricated using high-quality steel and components. The plant is specially designed for galvanizing metal pipes to prevent corrosion. Offered Pipe Galvanizer Plant is fabricated according to the industry laid parameters and the requirements of our customers. Moreover, our well-trained professionals can construct these plants within a given time frame.

The Pipes Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants are highly efficient and allow constant and continuous production for each pipe diameter in the process.

The Automatic Galvanizing Machine for Pipes is equipped with a complete set of equipment suitable to cover the whole range of pipes to be galvanized.

As we know, the galvanization process of pipe is 150 years old, but in the meantime, a slight difference occurs in this process to increase the quality of hot-dip galvanizing.

1) In tube galvanizing has specific steps that constitute the hot-dip process.
2) The pipe should be treated with caustic soda (Caustic Cleaning) in Decreasing tank.
3) Then it comes to the pickling section, where the pipe is treated with acid to remove unwanted dust and impurities from the pipe.
4) Then, after a freshwater wash pipe goes for flux process, which is used fully before the galvanizing process.
5) After fluxing, the pipe gets wet, and to dry it, it undergoes through a dryer.
6) Then it dips hot into the zinc kettle.
7) the Last process is the quenching of pipes.

Generally, Tube galvanization is a combined process that moves step by step with determined time intervals to get accurate zinc coating on the steel tube.


Support In All The Phases Of The Project

We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise in manufacturing various types of galvanizing plants like the Pipe Galvanizer Plant. We are always trying to maintain international standards of quality. The manufacturing process involves various quality checks that test the machines' durability, efficiency, and safety.

Annuo, thanks to the experience gained in this field, provides to the Customer the necessary support in all phases of the project:

Feasibility study and investment evaluation
Detailed design and engineering
Erection or assistance to erection
Training of Customer operators


Steel Tubes Hot Dip Galvanizing Production line Including:

Transfer trolley

Fully enclosed pickling room

Transmission unit

Pretreatment Tanks

Acid mist treatment system

Galvanizing kettle

Nature gas (electricity / oil) heating furnace

Zinc fume Collecting system: Zinc Fume Enclosure

Zinc fume Processing system: offline pulse inverse blowing bag filter

Zinc powder treatment equipment

Zinc powder collecting enclosure

Flux regeneration system


Pipe Galvanizing Equipment (Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant) including:

Pipe drying furnace, Galvanizing machine, Outlet pipe machine, Drawing machine, Translation column, Drawing track, Translation system, Guide rod inner blower, Steam heater, Keeping flat system, Cooling water tank, Spray, Print roller table, Package area, Electric control system, Compressed air system, Electric wire and cable.


Pipe Galvanizing Plant


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